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The War Years by Ann Clinch (nee Simon)
As an addendum to this which was written some half a dozen years ago: We have found out that Douglas Gray was actually one of seven men taken into custody that day. It must be understood trust was hard to come by during those few but hard years of the Occupation. Everybody suspected everybody else for collaborating with the Japanese.

It is unlikely that Douglas Gray would open his mouth just to get himself into trouble. As the story eventually unfolded in 1946, there were seven men arrested including Richard Simon and Douglas Gray.Five were to die in Outram Road Prison, these two among them.

During the "collaboration trials" of 46, a Cloves Osborne Woodford was charged and sentenced to death for informing and aiding the Japanese resulting in the arrest of Simon, Gray and others, ultimately leading to the deaths of five of them.

On a personal note, I believe Cloves too was a victim. Reading newspaper articles on other subjects from after the the war, it appears a key player (or two) had gotten away with it and eventually died of old age. It's was the pattern of one of these men to setup up others to take the "heat" off himself.... enough said.

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